Glass Repairs

Glass Repairs, Window Glass Repairs and Replacements for East Aurora, Elma & Buffalo, NY

Glass is an extremely fragile substance that can easily break, no matter how careful you may be. Great Plate Glass is the company to call for all your glass repairs and replacements. When your windows are no longer doing its job, from enhancing the façade of your house, shielding elements or filtering out noise, it is time to consider a replacement. Whether a fly ball has shattered your bedroom window or the mirror in your changing room has a huge crack in it, we can help. Your glass will look as good as new once we're through with it.

Glass Repair is Our First Priority for Your Safety

New ParagraphBroken glass can be extremely dangerous to work with. If your glass product is shattered, don't attempt to perform glass repair yourself. Call Great Plate Glass today to receive an estimate on your proposed work. We look forward to helping you see clearly once again! We proudly serve the Buffalo,NY area.

We provide the following:

  • Framed Mirror Replacement
  • Picture Frame Glass Replacement
  • Storm Window Repair
  • Screen Repair
  • Storm Door Repair

Why You Shouldn't Put Off Glass Repair

Why You Shouldn't Put Off Glass Repair

It is important to have any broken glass in your home or business repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Neglecting to have any type of broken glass (windows, doors, mirrors, etc.) looked at by a professional can be dangerous as broken glass is a physical hazard. Broken glass can injure you, your family, or your employees, and cause further damage to your property.

If you see broken glass:

  • Do not handle broken glass with your bare hands.
  • Use appropriate (no-cut) gloves to handle broken glass.
  • Use tongs to remove larger pieces of broken glass from the area.
  • Use a dustpan and brush to clean up shards/smaller pieces of broken glass.

Our glass specialists are here to assist you with any glass repair needs throughout your space. If you are in East Aurora, Elma & Buffalo, NY or the surrounding area we invite you to contact us if you would like additional information on our glass repair services. Although cracked glass might seem like a minor problem, it is in your best interest to have it looked at by professionals right away.

Need glass repairs for your residential or commercial property? Contact our team to schedule an appointment today!